Beatles’ 10 most popular albums on a leading global streaming site China drying machine Suppliers as a group, we don’t subscribe to any one political ideal but as individuals we have different political leanings, which is so obviously natural.The crowd went berserk when the Sufi rock Bande was belted out from Black Friday by Indian Ocean. It was only after Revolver, with the release of 1967’s Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, that the track listings, across both sides of the Atlantic, achieved conformity. But beyond all that what is necessary is to bring the concerning issues to public notice and build up an opinion poll around it." "See rallying behind a progressive thought or a foundation and further strengthening it, is nothing new. Luckily, the corporate world has opened its arms to the non-Bollywood segment and that’s indeed great news for all of us.It took until last Christmas to listen to the Beatles’ studio albums on streaming services but, even then, there was still a sizeable gap in their repertoire that did not make it from analogue to digital, they all contained alternative tracks to the British counterparts.

It was a Saturday night when three talented Indian bands — Parvaaz with vocalist Khalid at its helm, Soul’d Out with boy-brigade Abhay Sharma, Bhanu Mendiratta, Chetan Awasthi, Sajal Sharma and Abhijit Sood in the team and of course the cream of the lot, Indian Ocean, which was saved for the last, joined hands for a noble initiative and jammed altogether at Kolkata’s happening watering hole Shisha Bar Stock Exchange.Then there is 2003’s Let It Be Naked, a remixed and remastered version of the band’s 1970 album, Let It Be, a project that was initiated by member Paul McCartney, who felt aggrieved that producer Phil Spector did not accurately reflect the band’s "stripped-down" intent and, hence, reference to "Naked" in the album name at the time of re-release. The Indian Oceaners, too, have walked the same route and been one of the pioneers to show the way to their successors.