The visa-on-arrival system too will take you a grand total of 15 minutes. We whipped our phones out and texted everyone who was in half a mind to take a vacation sometime soon, "Bro, you need to chase the Bali sunsets. They’re the best you will ever see. While we relaxed by the seaside, and bit into the fish, a tiny band of musicians decided to play us a few tunes. Mainland Bali in itself has been neatly demarcated into areas where tourists can find everything the island is famous for in one place.And so we set off on what we called the anti-Eat Pray Love trip to Bali, with the sole agenda of relaxing and bandsaw sawmill Manufacturers having as much fun as we could. Situated right in the heart of Bali, the beaches give way for dense forests, winding roads, rice terraces and even volcanoes in Ubud.

A Kecak dance at the Pura Luwur Uluwatu TemplePossibly one of the most expensive coffees in the world, Kopi Luwak is made from partly digested coffee-cherry pieces excreted by the nocturnal Asian palm civet, a type of toddy cat. We decided to camp out in a sprawling room in Kuta, right in the middle of the party district, to get a taste of the vibrant nightlife. With cafes like Sisterfields and nightclubs like Sky Garden, there’s food that will appeal to everyone from around the world. Our first stop, however, was a coffee plantation, where we tasted Kopi Luwak, besides other tea and coffee variants. A Balinese band regales with Hindi musicOur trip then took us to Gili Trawangan, part of a three island archipelago, a three-hour ferry trip from Bali.Now, the Balinese people are quite friendly; and even more so once they realise you’re Indian.